Bonjour et bienvenue!

Handmade haberdashery gifts and supplies for those who craft,
thoughtful gifts for those who don't.

Always delivered with a smile :)

Please note this website is still a work in progress!
Once finished, this will be the central point between all my social media (Facebook & Instagram), Etsy Shop, my YouTube channel and my stock clearance. 

Why the new website?
As you may know - if you have been following me on my previous Square website - I came very close to a total close down of the business on the 30th September 2023. I really didn't want to shut altogether so after some cost cutting, re-thinking, re-structuring, etc... which in end meant that I needed to move away from Square, here I am, still going! an I hope for quite a while yet!

Who is The Frog in the Craft?
To find out more, I invite you to go and check out the "About" page. You are also more than welcome to contact me if you have any questions, would like to know more or just say hi. My email address is

What can you expect from The Frog in the Craft?
I operate both as a Direct Sales business for my local customers and as an online store. Check out both the Shop and the Stock Clearance pages for more information.

In terms of products, I will now be a lot more focus on Textile Crafts supplies, threads in particular and also sewing and haberdashery. My crafting kits will also only be related to the Textile Crafts from button making (including of course the Dorset button) to small macramé or sewing projects. For my handmade items, I will mostly concentrate on needlebooks, pincushions, buttons, stitch markers, etc... I am still making and selling the Dorset button hair ties also and you might see a few items in recycling crafts from time to time... I just cannot help myself! ;-) 

Important Information: Please note that the Shop section of this website is linked to my Etsy shop. This means that if you would like to purchase an item online, simply click on the link and you will be redirected to its location in my Etsy where you will be able to complete your purchase. I didn't want to clutter my Etsy shop with the stock that I have had to discontinue, so the Stock Clearance section operates a little differently and is not fully linked to Etsy. 

Does The Frog in the Craft still offer craft workshops?
Yes, absolutely! This can be a private hire, or for a corporate event or even for your social or community group. Would you like a private workshop so you can focus on learning a new skill? Are you organising a crafternoon with friends and family, a crafty birthday party or even a hen do with a difference because you want to create your own decorations? Simply contact me for a quote, letting me know  These can be booked by contacting me with the type of event that you are organising, the types of craft you have in mind and I will get back to you with a no obligation and free quote.