About The Frog in the Craft  
  Button Maker ~ Textile Handcrafter & Recycler ~ Crafts Have-a-goer 



My name is Sandrine. I am French – this explains the “Frog” part of my business name. Well that and the simple fact that I really like frogs! I moved to the U.K. back in 1996. The initial plan was actually for me to stay for around 9 months! Yet here I am, still here, living in Nottinghamshire, with my husband, teenager and dog, chickens, quails and a very vocal canary. 

My grandad is at the source of my great interest for the handmade (or the "made by hand" as I prefer to call it), the heritage crafts and the (sadly disappearing) old skilled jobs. I made my first wooden sewing box with him when I was about 10 - and I still use it!
My motto (one of them anyway) is “Live a little, Craft a lot”. Even if I like to have a go at almost anything, textile hand crafts and needlework remain the source of my main enjoyment and what I always go back to. 

I created The Frog in the Craft in November 2018. I have been suffering with some painful chronic health conditions for a long time, and crafting has always helped me cope. So my mission was to spread a little crafting love and raise awareness of the benefits of crafting as a tool to manage pain through the sale of my makes, crafting supplies, hosting workshops and online live streaming on Twitch. 

Since January 2023, I have had to streamline my product range quite drastically and re-focus on the textile hand crafts and needlework, due to the fibromyalgia getting a little out of control and unmanageable over recent months. However, my values and my mission still remain the same:
                    - Raising awareness of the benefits of crafting as a tool for pain management,
                    - Doing my bit for / being mindful of the environment by encouraging  / raise awareness of  reuse, recycle & repair and avoiding single-use plastic when shipping my orders whenever possible,
                    - Promote positivity and offer a second-to-none, top notch customer service experience. I am always happy to help however I can and I am only one message away. Besides, all my orders are delivered with a smile - a contagious one, I hope! 

If you have any questions at all or if you are looking for a particular product but are not sure if I stock it, please not hesitate to contact me:

                    -  via email: sandrine@froginthecraft.com 

                    - or WhatsApp. Tap here to message me. 

I hope to hear from you very soon :-)